Surya Graha Parihara Sthalam
Chandran Parihara Sthalam
Sevvai Dosham Parihara Sthalam
Budhan Parihara Sthalam
Guru Parihara sthalam
Sukran Parihara Sthalam
Sani Dosha Parihara Sthalam
Rahu Parihara Sthalam
Ketu Parihara Sthalam

bhagya suktam homam in tamilnadu Bhagya Suktam Homam

bhagya suktam homam Bhagya Suktam homam is the most significant suktam of the veda. Chanting this suktam at right time will brings more happiness and success in life. The word Bhagya refers to wealth and prosperity, so by reciting bhagya suktam homam one can attain all kind of wealth and prosperity in life.

Benefits of Bhagya Suktha Maha Mantra Homam

  • Bhagya Suktam homam is very effective one to attain all kind of wealth and prosperity.
  • By performing this homam the people are blessed with all good things in great manner to live healthy, wealthy, joyful life.
  • Performing this homam helps an individual to live a peaceful life.