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Guru Peyarchi Homam, Yagam & Pariharam

  • Jupiter transit (Guru Peyarchi) falls on eleventh of October 2018 in light of Vakya Panchang. Jupiter transit from Thula rasi to Vrichaga rasi. It is amazingly great to play out the "Guru Preethi" homa upon the entry of the transit of Jupiter, to beat each one of the obstructions and to have enduring accomplishment for the duration of regular day to day existence. When you start another meander, it is must that we need to search for the gifts of our Guru and Lord Dhakshanamurthy.
  • Who is Jupiter? Jupiter is called as the "Guru" or "Bhrahaspathi". He is the guru of all "Devas and is called "Deva guru". Guru was bound to the heavenly individual Angris, who is the offspring of Lord Brahma and Chiratha devi. Guru's significant other is Gnana Devi. Kasan and Bharadwaja muni are his two kids. "Alangudi" which is 15 KM from Kumbakonam in Tamil nadu, India is considered as the Navagraha stala (put) to adore Lord Dhakshanamurthy.
  • He is known as the "Leader of the Fortune/Wealth." Jupiter is the karaka for Marriage, Children and Fortune. In the event that Jupiter is placed in incredible position in a natal diagram, by then the nearby will win name, popularity and the effect of basic individuals in the overall population. They will be locked in with bundle of generous and religious activities. Their life will overflow with peace and fulfillment. They don't fight for the duration of regular daily existence and will do hardest occupation simplifiedly.
  • If guru perspectives second, fifth, seventh, ninth and eleventh house, the neighborhood is said to have Guru bala. Auspicious capacities are depended upon to happen in the neighborhood's life in the midst of the guru bala period.
  • If Jupiter is weak in a neighborhood's horoscope, they will stand up to all inconveniences throughout everyday life. Money related conditions will be precarious. Obstructions are routinely found in their life. It is said that Jupiter is the principle planet that can diminish the insidious effects of Manglik dosha. Reinforcing of Jupiter will negate the "Kuja dosha".

Book Iyer/Pandit for Guru Peyarchi Homam, Yagam & Pariharam

  • Regarding the Guru Peyarchi, a homam will be led at Chennai Lalithambigai Peetam to ease the sufferings and for the prosperity and flourishing of the members specifically and for all inclusive peace and concordance by and large. It is gainful for everybody to take part in this unique Homam as it improves the beneficial outcome and limits the negative impact of the change.
  • Book Iyer/Pandit Online for Guru Peyarchi Homam, Yagam & Pariharam. All the Pooja Samargi will be brought by Vadhyar. All the Vadhyar are all around experienced from Vedic Pathshala.